Welcome to Wreckers Wrestling

How to register to for Staples Wrestling 2018/2019 Season:
3 simple steps to follow:
1) Any student interested needs to complete a simple registration at by Nov 18:
For any wrestlers that misses this deadline registration will reopen the day after the first practice/tryout. 
2) Each athlete needs a valid sports physical on file with the SHS Nurse. 
3) Parents should go to Mat Men Membership section on this website and should bring the signed form along with payment on 11/7 @ 6pm to Wrestling Open House / Parents Meeting @ Staples HS.
Parents, athletics and supporters should also register with Staples Mat Men Facebook page:
We all want Wrestling @ Staples HS to be a fully inclusive program. We don’t want Membership Fees to be a barrier to participation. Should you need any assistance with these fees please contact Coach Mills at coachstapleswrestling@gmail.com in the strictest confidence.

What is a Wrecker?

The Wrecker is the mascot for Staples High School. He is a caricature of a construction worker wearing a hard hat, who has arms as big a tree, and a chin to match! He holds a wrecking bar in his left hand and a sledgehammer in his right. He was designed by Staples graduate Tom Wall in 1980.

Prior to the 1920's, Staples High School teams were known as the Minutemen. A logical name for a town known for it's part in the Revolutionary War. However all of that changed in the 1920's.
At that time, Norwalk High School was having a great undefeated season on the gridiron. They specifically chose Staples to play during their Homecoming game, knowing that Staples was an 'easy' win. Unfortunately for Norwalk, the Staples football team came in and crushed the 'undefeated' team. Headlines the following day read, "Staples High Wrecks Norwalk's Homecoming!"
Since that time, Staples High School teams have been known as THE WRECKERS!

Staples High School Alma Mater
Until it's re-discovery in 2003, students and faculty did not believe that Staples had an alma mater song. During the creation of the 2002-2003 Yearbook, the staff found a copy of our song in the 1937 Stapelite. The following lyrics can be sung to the traditional alma mater melody.

Hail Staples
Friendly ties can never be broken, formed at Staples Hi,
for surpassing wealth unspoken, They'll forever lie.

Lift the chorus, sing her praises, Over hill and dale;
Hail to thee, our dear old High School, Staples hail all hail.
When our High School days are over, And our ways shall part,
Still by thee we'll be united. Still be one in heart.

Lift the chorus, sing her praises, Over hill and dale;
Hail to thee, our dear old High School, Staples hail all hail.